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The Science department encompasses the three main disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At KS3 pupils study specific units of work, and are encouraged to investigate, whereby they plan, carry our and evaluate their experiments. At KS4 pupils can either study  Double Science or choose the Triple science option. At KS5 Biology, Chemistry and Physics are popular A level subjects.


Health and Social care

There is a variety within the Health and Social Care course that will enable pupils to expand their knowledge of development throughout the age range, from infancy to old age, and of how the health and social care system works. Pupils will also raise awareness of how to be healthy, and how to help people with specific illnesses.
There is an opportunity during the two years to work collaboratively with other pupils as well as to work independently.  We will provide information about the career opportunities that will be available to pupils following the study of Health and Social Care, and there are a wide range of possibilities  

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