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The 4 Purposes


Ambitious, capable learner... who are ready to learn throughout their lives, and who:

  • Set high standards for themselves

  • enjoy challenge and problem solving

  • develop knowledge and skills and apply them in different contexts

  • be able to discuss their learning confidently

  • able to communicate in Welsh and English

  • be able to use mathematics and numeracy and digital technologies effectively

Enterprising, creative contributors... who are willing to play a full part in life and work and who:

  • think creatively

  • apply their knowledge and skills to create, adapt and solve problems

  • identify and grasp opportunities

  • are confident to take risks

  • lead and work together in teams

  • express ideas emotions in different ways

  • use their energy and skills for the benefit of others

Ethical, informed citizens... who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world, and who:

  • make judgments and discuss issues based on their knowledge and values

  • understand and exercise their responsibilities and human rights

  • understand and consider the impact of their actions

  • know about their culture and community

  • know about society and the world in the present and past

  • respect the needs and rights of others as a member of a diverse society 

  • see that they have a role to play to ensure the planet's sustainability

Healthy, confident individuals... willing to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society, and who develop:

  • physical and mental health and safety

  • relationships based on respect and trust

  • personal values

  • skills and independence to deal with everyday life

  • the ability to face and overcome challenges

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