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Clinic - First Aid Support.

School Nurse - Present to discuss medical needs.

Additional Education Department - Help with coping with school life as well as emotional and academic guidance. Provides special care for pupils suffering from disabilities that may obstruct personal development.

Police / School Liaison - Available weekly to discuss discipline and order matters.

Learning Coaches - Academic, emotional and vocational support. An ear to listen and a link between a pupil, home and school.


Welfare Officer - Available to help parents / guardian to overcome barriers arising from illness or other home issues. Focusing on attendance but also an important link with the Authority.

Classroom Assistants - Academic, social and emotional support.

Dysgu Darllen - Short term support with Year 10 and 12 "buddies" to promote reading skills. Experienced specialists also give more detailed attention to shortcomings in literacy and numeracy for pupils across the school.

5x60 - Gives opportunities for pupils who are not part of a team to enjoy the intensity of games and extra-curricular activities.

Counselor - Available to offer special help for pupils suffering from mental illness. The Counselor is a link between school and CAMHS along with other agencies.

Lunchtime Supervisors - Offers support for pupils on school yards and on corridors.

Hwb - A quiet area to have a minute to think or prepare for returning to class if they have been away for a long period. 

Practice Room - A dedicated area to perform with specialist teachers. There are master classes there along with help with singing or instrumental lessons

Careers Room - Help to organize post 16 education and work experience placements.

Main Office - Help to contact home and collect day-to-day information.

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