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Holding Hands

Welfare Rooms

Reflection Room – Room 6-2

PURPOSE:  This is a room located in the Inclusion Hub which is a quiet place for KS3 and 4 pupils to access if they find times of the day challenging. This room is a safe place for pupils who have found it difficult to be part of a normal lesson, the School community in general or in a crisis situation, in order to support and encourage them to improve their attitude to learning, their behavior and their ability to learn. Here members of trained staff will work with the learners to reflect on the issues in question and give them the opportunity to express themselves calmly before referring the case on to a member of the welfare staff.


EFFECT: Reduce referrals and improve pupils' engagement with the School environment. Pupils will have the opportunity to reflect and express any negative feelings and emotions.  The hope is that all pupils can rejoin the School environment as soon as possible when they have brought their emotions under control where they can resume their learning.

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Encouragement Room – KS3 room 6-1 

PURPOSE: To offer a short-term intervention with the focus on supporting pupils with behavioral, emotional or social difficulties (BESD) in an inclusive way. The room is a safe area that helps pupils to cope with the demands of a secondary school or cases of sudden trauma or a period of transition from primary to secondary school. While in the encouragement group, the pupils continue to be part of their own class groups and return full time. The curriculum in the teaching room is flexible which includes art and craft activities, literacy and numeracy support and ELSA sessions, Lego Therapy, Seasons for Growth etc.

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Yr Hafan Hybu – Communal

PURPOSE:  This is the School's pastoral, multi-purpose area for pupils, key workers and visitors. Here pupils will receive support from a variety of external and internal agencies in a safe, supportive and comfortable manner. The pupils can come here to discuss any issue or share any concern with experienced and supportive staff. Interventions and meetings with parents will be discussed in a confidential and caring atmosphere.

Provision: ​

1:1 welfare support

Youth Services

Welfare Officer meetings

Social Services

Young Carers

School Counselor

Art Therapy

Parents' Meetings

Pupil support hubs

Quiet Room

Medical Affairs/ School Nurse

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Learning Area – KS3 room 6-3

PURPOSE: The pupils who attend the Learning Area are either on the Authority's or School's Individual Development Plan and they are monitored closely and feedback is given in the annual reviews. The strong emphasis is on developing Literacy, Numeracy and core skills - organizing work, catching up or revising in a supportive and caring way.


English Diagnostics Intervention

Morning Reading Sessions

One to one Literacy Sessions

Small Group work

Numerology Intervention – TT Rock Stars

And more......

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Hwb KS4 room 6-5

PURPOSE: To provide a safe area for pupils who need extra support outside a normal classroom. The KS4 Hub offers a safe, comfortable, welcoming and supportive area for pupils who find it difficult to cope in mainstream lessons. Many of the pupils will follow a variety of alternative courses following a flexible timetable. Some expectations in the Hub will be different to the rest of the School. Some pupils who are in the Hub continue to belong to the School community with the majority being regular visitors. Where there are pupils who have full-time access to the Hub, they will not follow the same timetable and order as the rest of the school. Break and lunch times will be separate here.

Alternative Provision:

​1:1 sessions

Core Intervention

Reasonable Adjustments

Agored Cymru courses


Btec Work Skills

Extended Work Experience

LIBF Mathematics

6 5.JPG

Dulas Class

PURPOSE: We understand very well that this transition period is a very big step in your child's academic development and as a result, we have recognized the need to establish a transformative learning group in Years 7 and 8 for September in order to support some pupils who find changes is difficult. Dulas is located in a classroom in Hwb (stairs 6) and is taught by an experienced teacher in the field of ALN. In addition, pupils in Dulas class will have access to the team of class assistants who work from the Hub and provide differentiated support across the curriculum as well as targeted interventions in Literacy, Numeracy and Wellbeing. The Hwb is a supportive, welcoming and supportive area with the focus on the gradual integration of pupils within the school.

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