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 Dylunio a Thechnoleg

Design & Technology is an ever-changing subject that develops every year as innovative and new materials, processes and machinery evolve.  We encourage students to work safely and independently to produce solutions to design problems, solved by working thoroughly through the different parts of the design process.  Design & Technology encompasses Food, Product Design Resistant Material & Graphics in Year 7-9 then leads onto GCSE courses in Product Design, Food and Nutrition and Construction. This is then followed by AS and A level Product Design. 

Rhaglen Ddysgu / Learning Program


Our goal in ICT is to encourage students to work through a range of ICT based tasks to solve problems and understand emerging technologies. There are opportunities work with ICT within other subjects on a cross-curricular basis.  At Years 7-9 recognising a range of different software is used is a safe and secure environment. Following from these skills we offer a GCSE and AS & A level in ICT.

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